Georgian International Arbitration Centre is

First non-profit arbitration institution in Georgia, which is created based on the best international arbitration practice. GIAC represents most efficient dispute resolution institution in the entire Caucasus – Black Sea – Caspian Region. The GIAC Arbitration Rules reflect the needs of the parties combining recent developments in the field.


Georgian International Arbitration Centre has:


The Board
The highest governing body of the GIAC is the Board, which consists of at least 5 and maximum 11 members, headed by the Chairman of the Board.

The core duty of the Board is corporate management of the GIAC: the Board makes decisions on the institutional and corporate matters of the GIAC and determines its main directions and strategies;

In addition, the Board does not interfere with the arbitration case administration and conduct of the proceedings.


Arbitration Council

The functions of Arbitration Council are to ensure the efficient conduct of the arbitration proceedings and the compliance of these proceedings with the GIAC Arbitration Rules.

The Arbitration Council makes decisions on issues such strictly prescribed by the GIAC Charter and the Arbitration Rules, such as the appointment of members of an arbitral tribunal or its chairperson, issues related to the challenges of arbitrators, etc.


The Secretariat
The arbitration disputes submitted to the GIAC are administered and handled by the GIAC Secretariat. The Secretariat is involved in the GIAC’s day-to-day activities and assist the Arbitration Council, as well as the Tribunal in carrying out their functions.

The Secretariat communicates with all participants of the arbitration proceedings, in order to conduct the arbitration proceedings in an effective and timely manner.

The Secretariat is directed by the Secretary General, who represents the highest-ranking official of GIAC.

The Secretariat is composed of highly skilled lawyers who studied in Europe and have experience in Arbitration.