Georgian International Arbitration Centre is

First non-profit arbitration institution in Georgia, which is created based on the best international arbitration practice. GIAC represents most efficient dispute resolution institution in the entire Caucasus – Black Sea – Caspian Region. The GIAC Arbitration Rules reflect the needs of the parties combining recent developments in the field.

GIAC as an Appointing Authority

It is well established practice to entrust the third party entities to be a neutral appointing authority of the arbitrators on the given case.

GIAC has both professional and technical capacity to perform the function of the appointing authority as per instructions of the parties, or by default, with application of GIAC rules on being an appointing authority.

In this case, the party wishing to nominate the GIAC as the appointing authority in its arbitration agreement, is advised to use the Model Clause for appointing authority. When the appointment is needed the corresponding parties or any third party having such legal authority shall contact GIAC Secretariat at or send a request by mail to the following address: 29, N. Shataidze Str., 0114, Tbilisi, Georgia and follow all the instructions set for such application by the GIAC Arbitration Rules.