Case Management

Case Management

Among other objectives of the GIAC, its main function is the administration of disputes. The case management at the GIAC is handled by the close work of the GIAC Secretariat and the GIAC Arbitration Council in order to ensure that the arbitration process is carried out in full compliance with the parties’ agreements, and applicable Rules and laws.

The GIAC offers to the business community of the entire region modern standards in dispute resolution and arbitration rules that are drafted based on the best international practice; along with the arbitration proceedings carried out in accordance with this Rules.

The GIAC Secretariat is equipped with the highly qualified and professional team that deals with day-to-day case management and assists the parties with their needs before the case is transmitted to the arbitral tribunal, which then takes over the case and commences its consideration. While the GIAC Arbitration Council composed of arbitration practitioners and experts both locally and internationally, provides additional mechanism, safeguarding the integrity of the arbitration process and providing the decisions on many important matters that are envisaged under the Arbitration Rules.

As part of its functions as an institution administering the arbitration case, GIAC offers:

  • Administration and case management for time and cost efficient dispute resolution;
  • Legal framework based on international best arbitration practice;
  • Assistance with selection of the arbitrators;
  • Necessary facilities for hearings in Tbilisi, Georgia free of charge.
  • Administrative Secretary for the case.

The essential principle of the GIAC in handing the case administration matters is to use all reasonable and permissible endeavors to ensure the enforceability of the arbitral award.

In order to ensure the smooth arbitration proceedings, the parties are advised to use GIAC Model Clause in their transaction paperwork. If the dispute becomes imminent, the party shall send its Request for Arbitration to the following address: 150, David Aghmashenebeli Ave., Tbilisi 0112, Georgia and follow all the instructions set for such application by the GIAC Arbitration Rules.