Facilitation is a process where a third party neutral – a facilitator – helps the parties conduct a productive dialogue and/or a discussion. Facilitation is suited for situations when parties are not yet in a dispute, rather both acknowledge the difficulty of the situation and understand the importance of adaptation and finding of solutions. The facilitator will help the parties use their time efficiently and focus on finding potential solutions.

Facilitator assists parties in efficiently directing their time and available resources, in doing so helping parties to carry out a constructive dialogue and have a fruitful, solution-oriented discussion. Similarly to a mediator, facilitator does not make any decisions, nor s/he gives a legal advice.

The result of parties’ facilitated discussion or negotiations may be an action plan, a renegotiated contract, or another type of solution which they manage to achieve.

Facilitation administered by GIAC is conducted pursuant to GIAC Facilitation Rules.

If the facilitation is conducted via distant means of communication (online) GIAC Online Mediation and Facilitation Protocol will also apply.

Facilitator is appointed from the GIAC’s List of Facilitators.

Parties wishing to initiate facilitation procedure, need to fill in and jointly send the application to GIAC Secretariat via email at facilitation@giac.ge