On November 10, 2023, the Board of the International Arbitration Center of Georgia approved the updated composition of the Center's Arbitration Council.

The Arbitration Council of the International Arbitration Center of Georgia is the main body through which the effective management and resolution of disputes is carried out. The arbitration board ensures the effective conduct of the arbitration process and the strict observance of the arbitration rules during the dispute process.

Three members of the arbitration council - Ketevan Betaneli, Lasha Arveladze and Galina Zhukova - the second term of membership of the council expired. It should be noted that all three of them, as members of the Arbitration Council, contributed a lot to the development and raising of the awareness of the Arbitration Center. The International Arbitration Center of Georgia expresses special thanks to them for their hard work.

Mariam Gotsiridze, Fransisco Amallo, Yas Banifatemi, Patricia Shaughnessy, Steven Finizio, Markian Kluchkovsky, Maia Bakradze and Nata Ghibradze were appointed to the renewed arbitration council for the second term.

One new member was added to the composition of the arbitration board, Giorgi Batlidze, a partner of the law firm "BLC", who was elected for the next 3 years.

Mariam Gotsiridze was elected as the chairman of the renewed composition of the arbitration council, and Fransisco Amallo and Giorgi Batlidze as deputies.

As for the new members of the arbitration board, their experience, reputation, qualifications and work experience in the field of arbitration were taken into account during their selection. It is most important to note that the new composition of the arbitration board fully balances the differences that may arise due to the different languages and different legal cultures of the parties to the disputes entering the arbitration center. issues. Each board member enjoys a high reputation in the field of arbitration and has extensive qualifications and experience in this field.

It should be emphasized here that the place of activity of the majority of the new composition of the Arbitration Council is outside the borders of Georgia, which reduces the possibility of certain conflicts of interest.

It can be safely said that the new composition of the Arbitration Council with new forces will continue to increase the development and awareness of arbitration in Georgia and the entire region. In addition, the independence, qualifications and experience of the arbitration board will be the guarantee of further provision of quality arbitration process by the arbitration center , which is one of the main goals of the arbitration center.

The updated composition of the Arbitration Council:
Mariam Gotsiridze
Francisco Amallo
Giorgi Batlidze
Yas Banifatemi
Patricia Shaughnessy
Stephen Finizio
Markian Kluchkovsky
Maia Bakradze
Nata Ghibradze
Elene Gogadze